About Studio Stefan Zwegers

I am an experienced freelance designer from Eindhoven. Others describe me as an active, inventive and creative designer with a practical attitude who is able to work individually and in multi-disciplinary teams. I find it important to put people in the center and design products that empower them to do what they love and improve their quality of life.

My main focus is helping clients in the first steps of new innovative product development: idea generation, proof of concept and first pilot run. I have the technical and analytical capabilities of an engineer and the free and innovative spirit of a designer. Furthermore I also have business knowledge and experience through working in and for different start-ups.

What I do

Idea generation: brainstorming for ideas and turning them into viable concepts. Deliverables can be sketched or photoshopped visualisations, animations or first low-fidelity prototypes.

Value proposition: Creating a first value proposition for an idea. Who is the customer? Which of their problems does the idea solve and what is the unique selling point of the idea? A good value proposition can give direction to the design process and strategy.

Proof of concept: Concept development, building the first working hi-fidelity prototypes and testing them together with the user. Deliverables can be high-fidelity prototypes, material recommendations and test reports.

Pilot run: Realising the first production run. Testing the different parts of a product (use, durability), contacting suppliers, sampling, cost calculations and realising pilot projects.

Software Skills

Software Skills

Studio Stefan Zwegers has proficiency in the following software.

  • Adobe Photoshop 90%

  • Adobe After Effects 80%

  • Adobe Illustrator 100%

  • Adobe Premiere 90%

  • Adobe Indesign 75%

  • Solid Works 80%

  • Keyshot 90%

  • Sketch book designer 80%

  • Arduino 75%

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