Adidas style boost

Adidas Style boost
Adidas Design Challenge 2nd round

For the 2nd round of the Adidas Design Challenge 2013 I was asked to re-imagine a Adidas running shoe. Nowadays there are a lot of ways to track your performance, set your goals and share them with the world through social media. Although setting, tracking and sharing these goals tells something about your performance it doesn't offer the opportunity to really combine your own style & identity with your run, before, during and after your performance.

I presented Adidas style boost, a platform that combines the performance tracking and setting of goals of the miCoach system with a whole new experience boosting your performance and your style. When looking at your shoes through your smart glasses during your run you will see the progress you are making for your current goal and the more progress you make the cooler they will look.

When completing goals and making progress in your performance you will earn style boost points and the boost meter on the front of your shoe will fill up. Style boost points can be used to buy new cool looks and animations for your shoes, making it possible for you to further customize your own style.

Imagine the following, you are on a night out with friends in one of the coolest clubs in town. You are wearing your Adidas style boost shoes with pride and have been training and filling up your style boost meter. Suddenly you hear your favorite tune and make your way to the dance floor. You start dancing and at just the right moment you click your heels together, igniting your ultimate style boost. In a whirlwind of stars, light and energy you perform your sickest move and before you know it everybody is filming you with their smart glasses and you are the trending topic on all social media.