Color Hunt

Color Hunt

Together with the storioes team we created the Color Hunt application for IOS. In this project I was responsible for the concept design, story telling, artwork, UX and user testing. Together with the lead programmers for this project , Bob de Graaf and Niek Otten, we went through several iterations of prototyping and user testing to be able to make a game that is, next to fun and educational, intuitive to use for the children. The application has been made in English (Color Hunt) and in Dutch (Kleurenjacht).

Download Color Hunt here

Color Hunt: The new camera-based game for color-crazy kids

Children and color books. This always has been – and still is – a perfect combination for hours of fun. Many applications already offer such fun. Color Hunt also uses this formula, but takes it to a whole new level.

Camera detection

Color Hunt is the first of its kind to make use of modern camera detection algorithms to aid children in their quest of coloring. Rather than on-screen selection of a color, kids need to find the color in the real world by means of the built-in camera! No more playing games on the couch, children will now actively hunt their environment to find the correct colors. A fun way for kids to familiarize with different colors and get engaged with their surroundings!

Stories to read

The color assignments contain all kinds of funny animals and each quest is preceded by a little story. These stories bring the animals to life, and, above all, they are fun to read or be read!

Now available in the appstore. Download Kleurenjacht and you can meet these remarkable animals with their even more remarkable problems!