Heijmans Glowing Lines

Client: Heijmans Technology & Heijmans Infra

Glowing lines Oss is a collaborative project between the Dutch Company Heijmans and Studio Roosegaarde. I give advise concerning innovation and product development for the Smart Highway projects. Glowing lines Oss is such a project. I was co-responsible for improving the existing technical design and electronics, especially concerning water-proofing, production and installation of the glowing lines.

"I know Stefan as very result-oriented. He knows how to transform difficult requirements into creative and economically viable solutions. Knows how to find relevant technology providers for his goals. Stefan fits perfectly into teams but can also work in autonomous settings when required." Gerard de Leede - CTO Heijmans

"I am happy to recommend Stefan. In working with him on several international design proposals for projects in public space, I found he was very hands on. He is quick to understand and to translate clients’ needs in cutting edge proposals. Stefan has a nice way of thinking out of the box, while still being very understandable and practical. In our projects we always had to join new technologies with exciting designs. Stefan both understands these technologies and is able to use these technologies to come up with exciting designs and solutions.
Also on a personal level my dealings with Stefan were always enjoyable. Stefan is an easy and correct communicator and he delivers what he promises. " Joziene van de Linde - Managing director at Heijmans Technology

"Stefan is very dedicated and makes sharp analyses of problems in the development process. He is able to generate creative out of the box solutions. I know him as a very collaborative colleague." Jos Heerkens - Innovator at Heijmans Infra

Photos & Video: Heijmans NV