Smart Teams

2013 -
Client: Self initiated project


The Smart Teams team consists out of myself, SpinnovBV and Stan Huijsmans, the assistant hockey coach of Push Breda. I am responsible for the main design, textile, integration of the electronics, photography and other media. SpinnovBV is leading in the electronics and supports in the overall design and development. Stan is the initiator of the project and brings hockey and training expertise to the team.

What is Smart Teams?

Smart Teams is the new tool for all team sports. A trainer can change teams with the push of a button. This results in on the spot positional and strategic changes during the game. Players need to be concentrated to the max at every moment. Forcing them to quickly react and act on the dynamic changes within the team and positions. Smart Teams opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities to improve your game!

How does it work?

Every player gets a SmartTeams shirt to wear on top of their own sports gear. By activating the SmartTeams LED strips with the SmartRemote, the players are immediately divided into two teams: Team LEDS ON and team LEDS OFF. You are now ready to start your training. Want to change the teams, just press the button on the remote and the teams are changed. Want to make uneven teams? Press the number of the amount of players you want in the smallest team and you are done!

1. Smart Teams shirts automatically divide players into teams by switching the integrated lights on or off.

2. Using the remote the trainer can continuously change teams during play. For example, 6 versus 6 becomes 7 versus 5.