Value Vault

Value Vault
Client: Philips consumer lifestyle

We proposed the value vault, a platform to translate the data about consumers’ experiences with products to actionable information for the different stakeholders in the product development process to enable continuous learning. Within the value vault, data is analysed based on the requirements of these different disciplines,because actionable information has to be spoken in the language of the different stakeholders.

The value vault made it possible to store and quickly recover information about what the consumer values and wants from a specific product or an entire product category. It made it possible to see if a product meets its value proposition and therefore what its strengths and weaknesses are. We developed a method to analyse and present this data and made the value vault to give an example how it could be implemented.

A paper called “understanding consumer experience” was written for the PDMA conference of 2010 in Orlando of which I was a co-author. Together with Dr. Lu Yuan of the Business Process Design group of the faculty of Industrial Design of the Eindhoven University of Technology I presented the results at the conference in Orlando.

By Stefan Zwegers, Jeanine Kierkels and Frank de Jong