Walk! 1
Client: Adidas Innovation Team

Walk! is a shirt that was developed for women between 20 – 30 years old who want an active lifestyle. In the morning a pedometer module is attached to the shirt, which registers the amount of steps that are taken during the day. The pattern on the shirt consists out of 6 spheres. Pieces of the spheres are printed in thermo chromatic ink, which is ink that can change color. When a piece of thermo chromatic ink changes, a line is created between two spheres. The more steps are taken, the more spheres are connected. The wearer can therefore get an indication of the amount of steps taken by looking at her shirt.
I received an excellence verdict for this project



Dutch Design week 2009 at ID”o9
Symposium fashion & technology at Strp festival 2010 Eindhoven
Made in Brainport exhibition: Istanbul Design Week 2011 and Dutch Design Week 2011

Books & articles

Design magazine “Items” volume 2 2011: Techstyle
“Metamorphosis “ by Elisabetta Cianfanelli together with professors of the University of Florence of the deparment of Industrial design.
Boletin de opportunidades innovadores para el Textil 2009